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This is one of the most passion-stirring games in the world, with traditions that go back a long way.  The origins of this increasingly popular sport go back to at least the 15th century. At that time billiards was still an outdoor sport, played on lawns.  Only in the 18th century did the game begin to be played in enclosed premises on special tables.  Billiard fans who take an interest in the history of the game know that it was very popular in the French royal court. Often seen with a billiard cue in the hand were not only the kings Louis IX and Louis XIV, but also the queens Mary Stuart and Marie Antoinette.

These days every popular bar or restaurant feels obliged to have a billiard table. However, the really keen fans of billiards want to have a table at home too.

The billiard tables of today are not just an object used for entertainment; they are an attractive piece of indoor furnishing that can help decorate your home.

People who play billiards regularly know that one of the best guarantees of success at playing billiards is to have “your” table that you know well and are used to. We are proud to be able to offer you not just the classical style of table, but also the increasingly popular Country collection.

The classical style of table needs no introduction: everyone is familiar with how they look. However, with us you can order unique variations to the classical style. We will make a table to the dimensions that you desire.  Even the choosiest billiard fan will find something suitable among the range of dimensions and variations that we offer.

We were encouraged to create our Country collection by the ever-growing demand from people for natural, non-embellished wood.  In this new collection we have used everything that the clients have asked for the most: original natural leather details, the beauty of luxurious oak or Siberian pine. The pockets that the billiard balls roll into are fitted with hand-detailed natural leather capes and the usual cotton nets are substituted by leather ones. The tables in the Country collection are called the Country Oak, Country Original, Country Deluxe and Country Bear styles.

Since every billiard table is made by hand and is hand-detailed with unique decorations, no two individual items in the range are ever completely alike. If you are still hesitating to choose an attractive table from our wide range, we will suggest that you tell us your requirements. At your request, our master craftsmen will create a unique, original product for you. You can use your imagination and create your very own inimitable table, which will help decorate the interior of your dwelling. You will join the other keen billiard fans and proud Country collection owners who play on our tables not just in Lithuania but also in Europe, Russia, Canada and USA.

We always have in stock professional, high-quality and unique products for a good price!

If you haven’t saved up enough for a billiard table yet, but you really, really want one, we can offer you good terms to purchase the item you desire on time-payment.

We can help you choose a billiard table whether you are a professional or an amateur! There are various model designs to suit any interior! As well as a wide range of tables, we have a wide range of accessories to choose from that are needed for the game.

For your convenience, our team can deliver the billiard table to a place and at a time specified by you, the client, and they will assemble it for you!