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We would like to present our Company: KALDERA™. We manufacture billiard tables and furniture from aged wood. Our experience in business is 20 years. We make tables for the various types of billiard games (pool, Russian billiards, English pool, snooker, carambole) and also specially designed items of furniture for indoors and outdoors from timber that has been carefully aged.

All our billiard tables and furniture are from original designs. The projects for our products are created by professional furniture designers. We have executed many individual orders in which specific wishes of the purchasers were incorporated, e.g. unique wood carvings or embellishments prepared by metal smiths or other craftsmen). We buy the raw materials and the other components we use in the manufacturing process from Western European companies, in order to ensure the high quality of our products. Thanks to the use of modern technology we have achieved a rapid rate of production while maintaining a high level of quality. We have a flexible pricing system, which depends on the number of items purchased.

We have a range of products from the most economic to the exceptional. If you cannot find what you want – we can make it for you! Within the wide range of models and colours, we will help you choose the combination of details and finish that you prefer. As required by a client, we can make a model for you of the best quality and exceptional design. We can also guarantee the shortest period for manufacturing the product: 2–4 weeks from the day the order is confirmed. If it is arranged with the client (in a separate agreement) we can deliver the product to a place specified by the client and assemble it there.

The KALDERA™ billiard tables we make in Lithuania are certified and meet EPBF (European Pocket Billiard Federation) and International Pyramid Committee requirements. We have participated and achieved acclaim in various international exhibitions, such as: BCA Las Vegas (USA), Imm Cologne (Germany), Lithuanian Exports (Russia), Baldai (‘Furniture’) and Resta (Lithuania).

In 2001 the Russian Pyramid World Championship took place in Lithuania using KALDERA™ billiard tables. About 90% of our production is currently exported to other countries. We have business partners in Russia, USA, Greece, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK, Belgium, Spain, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Estonia.

Our aim is to make new business contacts. We are ready and willing to enter discussions with representatives of business companies all over the world. We have our own factory and we can offer a wide range of products, including the possibility of creating new products as required. We would like to stress that we produce the goods in our own factory; therefore we are able to guarantee a high standard of quality control and the shortest period for manufacturing our products.

Our billiard tables and furniture are suitable for being safely transported by land, sea or air transport. Our products are guaranteed for 24 months. We are a flexible company and we can satisfy all your needs! In addition, we can guarantee competitive prices for you in the market in which you operate.